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seemed possible. >> so let's get to work. thank you. >> narrator: but to keep it together, obama had to move quickly. >> and that calculation is we'll move for a quick kill-- that's how they refer to it, "a quick kill on capitol hill." >> it was thought that we... the senate was going to have a bill by june, we would have a bill by july. and we would go to conference and this would be over. >> narrator: the president was reminded that things have a way of slowing down in congress. >> going to take you live to a senate finance committee hearing looking at health care... >> the process, particularly in the finance committee, just felt like that race that was being run starting on january 20th all of a sudden hit some mud, and people's shoes got pretty soggy and pretty heavy. >> narrator: republicans sensed opportunity. mitch mcconnell was the senate minority leader. >> mcconnell was saying, "don't agree to anything. don't agree to anything. keep me informed, but keep talking." >> the republicans were very clever in what they did. they pretended they were interested in this. i call it t
. what's on tap for "the young turks" tonight. >> cenk: president obama seems like he's going to put strong legislation together on gun control. of course republicans are saying perhaps it's time for impeachment. here we go again. these guys are unreal. but the president's proposals seem encouraging. what is not encouraging is federal prosecutors going after people who are doing something perfectly legal here in california which is selling medicineal marijuana. a businessman with a wife and two kids. we'll talk to them on the show. and finally how much more do politicians make if they become a lobbyist. it's a lot more. including a guy who is not going to work for the fertilizing industry. speaking of which jennifer, what are you doing here. >> jennifer: i got to go. always such fascinating stories that you guys do. i appreciate it. we'll be watching at the top of the hour. >> cenk: thank you. >> jennifer: now a look at some of the other stories that are buzzing around "the war room." stuff that i thought was really fascinateing. fist of all, chelsey clinton is going to share the com
is quoted with a headline saying he could slow down obama's efforts on gun control. have you talked about any compromise legislation? guest: we have had good conversations in the lead up to the congress. with that discussions about different things we might work together on but not about gun control. host: immigration reform? guest: will not talk about immigration reform in the broader sense -- we have not talked about immigration reform in the broader sense. -- 55,000trying to green cards given away each year not based on job skills but based on pure luck. that was tied to a program to people that attended u.s. universities to stay in the u.s. and to use those skills to create jobs in the united states. that is one piece of the overall immigration issue. there's been somehous ideas out there. the you endorse those ideas? -- do you endorse those ideas? guest: we welcome those ideas. we want to take a look at this. we are a nation of immigrants. there is not a person that cannot go back a few generations to find somebody that came to the united states to better their lives. my grandfather
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the board federal budget cuts. that vote failed. >>> this morning president obama is slated to unveil a sweeping list of proposals aimed at reducing gun violence as part of a package put together by joe biden and his white house task force. senior administration officials tell nbc news the biggest proposals include universal background checks, a ban on high-capacity magazines, anything that carries more than ten rounds of ammunition. the president is also expected to ask congo reinstate the assault weapons ban. as for executive orders, are the president's expected to seek aggressive prosecution for those who break existing laws. for example, people who lie during background checks. the white house will be joined by children from around the country who wrote letters to him following the newtown shooting. this is not the first time the white house brought in special guests for the backdrop of a major announcement. recently middle class taxpayers were invited to the white house before a presidential speech on extending tax rates. >>> conservative media mogul rupert murdoch offered his th
and democrats joining together. that will end up joining together to fight president obama's proposals. you have red state senators in the senate, harry reid extremely cool to this proposal as well as pat leahy, a democrat who will take his time and look this over. i think that this is going to end up being dead on arrival in congress. they're going to get very little done here. the only thing you'll see is executive action. >> but the thing is, if you step back and you look at what the american people want, there's a separate "washington post" poll that shows the majority of americans support bans on assault weapons, limiting assault weapon clips, and background checks at gun shows. these are the things that president obama will suggest today it has nothing to do with taking second amendment rights away. >> the people also want the economy to be taken care of first, spending to be taken care of first before you get to these issues. the devil is in the details here. when you talk about an assault weapons ban, what does that mean? when you're talking about magazine clip restrictions, does that me
>>> good morning. i'm thomas roberts. topping our agenda today, president obama goes big and bold on gun control. this hour at the white house, the president will announce what's expected to be the most ambitious federal gun control program in decades. today's announcement brings together members of the law enforcement community and children, kids, who wrote to the president about gun control in the days after the sandy hook shooting in connecticut. nbc news has learned the proposals include universal background checks, bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and an aggressive prosecution of existing laws. in more than a dozen orders, the president could enact without the approval of congress. >> the fact is they've made the political decision to go big for what it's worth. >> today's a beginning. today is the beginning of what has to be an every day campaign. it has to be -- i said you have to take this way out into the country. he needs to go into red states and talk about this. he's got to get on the phone when he's on air force one. >> as the white house ramps up
? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. >>> tomorrow just before noon. president obama will unveil his gun control plans to the nation. thank you aman. >> reporter: tomorrow at an event at the white house the president and the vice president are going to join together to announce their proposals and they are going to do it with children expressing concern about the shooting in connecticut. jay carney cautioned r eed repo not to cauti not to assume what is in there. >> i would caution you not to assume what is in there based on an earlier stage of the process. the president will announce the plan that is the president's plan and he will do that tomorrow. >> we can speculate what is going to be in there based on what the president has talked about. including on monday he talked about universal background checks. and a call for a new assault weapons ban. whether or not the president is going to call for executive order. it is unclear whether there will be an executive order component tomorrow. they are going to do the big reveal plan here tomorrow. that is going to require
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. >> president obama hosted a screening of the movie whoa ! looks like you're in a pickle. yeah. can you get me out of it ? just so happens i know a chap... book any flight and hotel together and get access to our free personal concierge service. any need, any question, we're on call 24/7. >> i like speaker boehner personally. and when we went out and played golf we had a great time. but that didn't get a deal done in 2011. now if the american people feel strongly about these issues and push hard and reward folks who are trying to find common ground, i think you will see behavior in congress change. and that will be true whether i'm the life of the party or a stick in the mud. >> president obama hosted a screening of the movie "lincoln," and press reports show he invited them, they all inclined to attend. president obama has invited john boehner to six state dinners, boehner declined all six times, he did accept president george bush's to a state dinner for the meaningless queen elizabeth. president obama invited senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to two state dinners, and to celebrate the
professional about this matter and president barack obama and joe biden for addressing the people of the united states. if we come together on this, we can come to an agreement and i would like to thank both the president of the united states and joe biden and c-span for making this so professional for people to understand that this is a united states. we must come together on this. it is a sad occasion that so many people are so negative about this. thank you. host: one more call here to our republican line now. columbia city is it missouri? where are you calling from? caller: jin. host: go ahead with your comments. caller: this is all about stimulating the economy and everything. what about the hundreds of manufacturers and their jobs. these people will be out of work. host: josh gets the last word. a reminder you can continue the conversation on line with our facebook page, facebook.com/c-span. also on twitter using the #gun control. coming up this afternoon we'll bring you live coverage of a discussion up on capitol hill, the house democratic steering and policy committee looking at the iss
. this morning president obama is slated to unveil a sweeping list of proposals aimed at reducing gun violence. it's part of a package put together by vice president joe biden and his white house task force. senior administration officials tell nbc news the biggest proposals will include universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines. that's anything that carries more than ten rounds of ammunition. the president's also expected to ask congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban. as for possible executive orders, the president is expected to seek aggressive prosecution for those who break existing laws. for example, people who lie during background checks. the white house says the president will be joined by children from around the country who wrote letters to him following the newtown shootings. we're about to show, joe, because i still can't believe it, the ad that the nra has put out in the middle of this national conversation. but first, what do you think the president's chances are of being successful at getting this sled legislation through? >> well, it depends. we're
be so interesting. >> so, security is in place ahead of president obama's inauguration next week and's you can imagine, it is beyond tight. the head of washington's fbi field office says 42 agencies will work together from the multiagency communication center in washington. the fbi says there are no credible corroborated threats to the event. >>> and the reverend luis layione of st. john's episcopal church steps away from the white house has been invited to deliver the closing prayer and, of course, we'll be in washington to bring you all of the history here. president obama's inauguration, we'll have soledad, zoraida, and i'm the one in the middle that will begin at 5:00 a.m. eastern time monday. >> i wasn't sure. >>> a federal grand jury investigating a police beating in henderson, nevada, a dash cam video shows the highway patrol officer pointing a gun at a drunk driver. and it turns out the driver wasn't drunk. he was in a diabetic shock. he won nearly $300,000 in a settlement from the city of henderson. >>> an update on a story we reported yesterday, a new mobile game app that t
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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